Our Company

Eng Wah Trading Co., was established in 1970. We started by selling bicycle accessories from door to door. We have high expectation on the bicycles we assembled and sold. From mini bike to mountain bike, cycling has become more and more popular.

In order to deliver the best to our customers, we constantly updating ourselves with current bicycle technology, style and demand. We have and will continue to thrive on meeting and anticipating our customers’ needs.

荣华贸易公司成立于1970年,是由上门推销普通零件起业。 由于对这些组件的认识,我们对自己组装的自行车也有一定的要求。

从1970,1990,到现在,由 Mini Bike,到 Mountain Bike, 经过几代的演变,自行车市场开始扩大,对于自行车的性能更是精益求精。